CDR’s Legislative Committee members are:

  • Randy Hicks, Chair
  • Ruthee Goldkorn
  • Anthony Goldsmith
  • Susan Chandler
  • Jeff Harrison

If you are interested in being on the committee and are willing to research the bills, educate the legislators, write letters, and/or testify at hearings in Sacramento, please join our committee. For more details, contact Randy at

Many bills that CDR has supported have been chaptered into law:

  • A.C.R. 13 authored by Huffman, establishes Rare Disease Day as February 28th
  • S.B. 48 Leno prohibits discriminatory school curriculum and establishes pupil instruction about history and Civil Rights for LGBT and disAbled and others
  • A.B. 1103: Huffman: stops ghettoizing, makes sure more affordable property for housing is made available in mixed use developments
  • S.C.R. 6: has been memorialized, it makes sure in-home Internet service is wired in in new affordable housing.