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Firm Name/Principal Phone Number(s) City Websites/Emails Type of Practice
Western Law Center on Disablity Rights
Shawna Parks, ED
Tel: 213-736-1334
DRLC's video relay number: 866-912-8193
TTY 213-736-8310
or nationwide 866-999-DRLC (3752)
We accept collect calls.

Si tiene un problema legal por favor llame al: 213-736-1334, numero de video telefono: 866-912-8193, numero de telefono gratuito: 866-999-DRLC (3752)
Aceptamos llamadas por cobrar
Los Angeles
Disability Rights Legal Center
Loyola Law School Public Interest Law Center
800 South Figueroa St, Suite 1120
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Programs By Phone:
Cancer Legal Resource Center
Tel: 213-736-1455 or
Fax: 213-736-1428

Civil Rights Litigation Program
Tel: 213-736-1031
Fax: 213-736-1428

Community Outreach Program
Tel: 213-736-8365
Fax: 213-736-1428

Education Advocacy Program
Tel: 213-736-8366
Fax: 213-487-2106

Inland Empire Program
Tel: 909-460-2034
Fax: 909-460-2094