Photo of CDR Members with ADA Bus

CDR's Legislative History

The following bills are the first ones that C.A.P.H. (CDR’s predecessor) got passed at the California legislature in the first decade of working to correct the inequality of the laws that kept people with mobility impairments isolated from society! These were gathered from the reports from New Worlds:

1971 Reagan AB 2238 Vicencia Health & Safety code: Relating To Public But Private Accommodations Including, Theaters, Hotels, Restaurants, Amusement, Auditoriums, Motels, Stadiums, & Convention Centers. Sec 19955.5 added service stations, shopping centers and office buildings over 10,000 sq’, unless no ramp or elevator is available to upper or below ground floors. (9/29)
1971 Reagan SB 712 Rodda Education code No qualified person can be denied a teaching credential, training, student teaching experience or position because he is physically handicapped, rather than totally or partially blind. (8/16)
1971 Reagan AB 710 Deddah Government code Requires equipment and structures for rapid transit of local public entities to be accessible to the handicapped. (8/2)
1972 Reagan AB 1655 Health & Safety code Relating To Public Accommodations: CURBS AND SIDEWALKS. (9/17)
1973 Reagan AB 11-26 Dunlap Prohibits discrimination in employment due to disability.
1973 Reagan AB 134 Increased welfare grants and attendant allowances.
1973 Reagan SB 323 Zenovich Requires all restrooms to be accessible.
1974 Reagan AB 2396 Chappie Put tougher building standards in the architectural barriers code.
1974 Reagan AB 2471 Sierorty Allowed the disabled to obtain injunctions against buildings constructed illegally.
1975 Reagan AB 2033 Chappie A specific mandate for the State Architect to adopt accessibility regulations.
1975 Jerry Brown AB 1035 Carpenter Legislative intent that polling places be accessible; voting outside the polling place and use of absentee ballots.
1975 Jerry Brown AB 1292 Sieroty Makes blue the color to identify parking spaces for HANDICAPPED; allows towing of cars without DP plates at owners expense.
1975 Jerry Brown AB 2033 Chappie Required State Architect to adopt regulations for making buildings and facilities accessible to and usable by the physically handicapped. Must use the latest edition of the UBC as a minimum in regulations, but may go beyond. Also required to consult with cities counties & DOR and HANDICAPPED organizations before adopting such regulations.
1975 Jerry Brown AB 2056Vincenia Would aid communities In providing public transportation that is accessible to the physically handicapped.
1975 Jerry Brown AB 3236 Wilson Prohibits discrimination in housing for blind people who use guide dogs.
1975 Jerry Brown AB 368 Addressed employment discrimination issues. Adds discrimination based on physical handicap, medical condition, sex or age to California Fair Employment ACT.
1975 Jerry Brown AB 380 Kapiloff Provided a onetime $675M state income tax rebate to offset inflationary increases which have caused tax payers to move into higher tax brackets. Also included tax breaks for senior citizens; welfare renters and the disabled DP are eligible for the Senior Citizens Home owners and renters’ Property tax relief program for $7M savings.
1975 Jerry Brown AB 413 Prohibits admitted insurers from refusing to accept applications from or to refuse to insure an individual simply Because of a physical handicap. Cannot arbitrarily charge a higher rate.
1975 Jerry Brown AB 4452 Sieroty Gave DOR the authority to initiate litigation to guarantee accessibility.
1975 Jerry Brown AB 745 Authorized county Clerks to undertake the necessary measures to locate accessible polling places and to include a statement of accessibility on voting notices.
1975 Jerry Brown AB309 Gage Guaranteed the continued funding of Social Service and Community Transportation programs, the types many members use because of the lack of accessible mass transit.
1975 Jerry Brown ACR 26 This resolution declared that the Legislature reaffirmed and would continue its position of national leadership in protecting the rights of the physically handicapped. This made it a little more difficult for a legislator to say “no” when not absolutely necessary.
1975 Jerry Brown SB 1483 Holden Established an Advisory Committee on services for those who are genetically handicapped.
1975 Jerry Brown SB 2033 Garcia Authorized DMV to conduct a study of the driving records of HANDICAPPED individuals to aid in eliminating discrimination in getting auto insurance.
1975 Jerry Brown SB 48 Perris Authorized Dept of Housing & Dept of Community Development to get federal subsidies for people who require supportive living. (most of the money was taken out by Brown).
1976 Reagan AB 4140 Ingalls Unlawful for non-handicapped individual to park in spaces reserved for the handicapped.
1976 Reagan AB 4452 Sieroty Gives DOR authority to initiate litigation to guarantee accessibility.
1976 Reagan AB3236 Wilson Prohibits discrimination in housing for blind people who use guide dogs.
1976 Reagan SB 1483 Holden Establishes an Advisory Committee on services for people who are genetically handicapped.
1976 Reagan SB 1585 Smith Allows individuals with lung disease to be eligible for special plates & placards.
1976 Reagan SB 2033 Garcia Authorizes DMV to conduct a study of the driving records of handicapped people (to destroy negative myths about handicapped drivers to eliminate discrimination in getting insurance).
1977 Jerry Brown AB 1284 Egeland State Employment Discrimination
1977 Jerry Brown AB 779 Chappie Amends Business Professions code to include prohibiting discrimination against physically handicapped.
1977 Jerry Brown AB 822 Mori Excludes from market value of determination (license fees) the cost of modifications required a disability.
1977 Jerry Brown AB 922 Vicencia SSI Work Disincentives: allows certain SSI recipients who become employed to continue receiving in-home services and health care services.
1977 Jerry Brown AB 942 Mangers Advisory Health Council requires one of error’s appointees to be handicapped.
1977 Jerry Brown AB 969 Torres Authorized Independent Living Centers--Employees can enroll in PERS.
1977 Jerry Brown SB 588 Wilson Exempts Sales tax on medical equipment
1977 Jerry Brown SB 977 Sieroty Tax Deduction for modifications to home or business matches fed up to $25,000 ends Dec 31, 1979; Non 1977 12/1979 extended to Jan 1985.
1977 Jerry Brown AB 402 California Transportation Commission replaces State Transportation board, CA highway Commission, the Toll Bridge Authority and the State Aeronautics Board; 9 members one spot for a handicapped person, the Gov will appoint.
1977 Jerry Brown AB 922 Top priority Eliminates disincentives to employment of disabled people in CA provides that a severely disabled person may work and still retain eligibility for Medi-Cal and Homemaker chore benefits.
1978 Jerry Brown AB 1752 Rosenthal Medical experimentation
1978 Jerry Brown AB 2890 Vicenza Amends AB 922 to allow who do not need full 20 hours/week to go to work and keep their IHSS and medical benefits.
1978 Jerry Brown AB 3028 Agnos In-Home Supportive Services
1978 Jerry Brown AB 380 Kapiloff Income Tax Relief
1978 Jerry Brown SB 1901 Sieroty Parks, Playground Equipment for Physically Handicapped
1978 Brown AB 2615 Tucker Lifetime rates for the disabled
1978 Brown AB 2760 Waters Marriage Disincentive
1978 Brown AB 2890 Vicenzi SSI Disincentives
1978 Brown AB 3038 Agnos In-Home Supportive Services (has provisions we asked for in ACR 118)
1978 Brown AB 3802 Kapiloff Support Income tax relief program.
1978 Brown AB1752 Rosenthal Medical Experimentation
1978 Brown SB 1901 Sieroty Parks, Playground Equipment for Physically Handicapped
1978 Brown SB 1990 Petris Supportive Services
1978, 10/28 Concurrent Res. #140 Filed w/SOS Distribute copies to General Services, CAPH, all Counties Board of Supervisors
1979 Jerry Brown AB 2238 Vicencia Medical Eligibility determination
1979 Jerry Brown AB 977 Sieroty Removal of architectural barriers new law allows tax payers to deduct up to $25,00 on state income tax returns toward the cost of repairing or remodeling hoes buildings or vehicles which facilitate their use by physically handicapped individuals for businesses and homes must be taken in the year they were done.
1979 Jerry Brown SB 1511 Marks Building Standards Board
1979 Jerry Brown SB 823 Greene Provides telephonic communications equipment for 200,000 deaf people in CA PUC will rent equipment to people.
1980 Jerry Brown AB 2249 Tanner Architects License Board requires new & renewing architects to demonstrate understanding of and proficiency in exterior and interior barrier free design and 5% of exam will be questions regarding barrier free design.
1980 Jerry Brown AB 2402 Elder Health & Disability Insurance prohibits higher rates to handicapped people than others.
1980 Jerry Brown AB 413 Gage Prohibits Insurance Companies from denying or canceling insurance policies solely on the basis of physical disability. NW p 10, April 1980
1980 Jerry Brown AB 754 Wray Low interest Van & Lift Loan helps parents of handicapped children who don’t get any other help.
1980, 9/29 Brown AB 2890 Amends AB 922 deletes requirement of 20 IHSS hours to work and qualify for health care & IHSS.
1981 Jerry Brown AB 633 Lockyer Medicare? Allocation of funding from Block grants from DC
1981 Jerry Brown SB 215 Foran Fund community transit services for elderly & Disabled
1981 Jerry Brown SB 962 Speraw Gives judges greater discretion in fining people who violate the rights of the disabled fine no longer limited to $1000.
1981 Jerry Brown SB Ayala Fund community transit services for elderly & Disabled