Photo of CDR Members with ADA Bus

Current Legislative Issues

The following bills are those that CDR's Legislative Committee is currently working on:

AB 52 Gray was taken off the Judiciary agenda and is a 2 year bill, thus it will come back to haunt us in 2017 unless we can make progress with the upcoming Assembly Judiciary Committee.

AB 54 Olsen was gutted to be a tax incentive bill after 100 of us showed up and scared AssemblyWoman Olsen. SB 67 was killed, as was AB 1111. AB1111 is the bill that would have started a "Civil War" between Red Placard People and Blue Placard People, a really bad idea!!!

The most important bill is SB 251, the most severe anti Civil Rights bill ever, and AB 1521, which is our counter to SB 251. They will collide head on in Assembly Judiciary in the next couple of weeks.

You can look these bills up at, and you can extrapolate any language you believe will get the point across to our opposition.

SB 128 is the "Facilitated Suicide" bill that the disability community opposes, as it has no protections for those in an institution such as acute care, rehabilitative care or long term care. Individuals under conservatorship or guardianship are also not mentioned in the bill. The law will be for the 1%, and we represent the 99%. Insurance and the VA do not recognize the law and the "poison pill(s)" cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $4000.00 and $7000.00 That is not a Section 8 neighborhood!!!

The Budget Committee reconciliation gave a HARD slap in the face to the disAbility community. They increased SSI by $10.00 a month. That is tantamount to giving an incompetent server a penny tip which is MUCH worse than no tip at all. The legislature just put a penny on the table and walked away. We have to wait 'til 2020 for the COLA to be reinstated. Then they came back and took the penny off the table, stiffed us completely and left us a "Too Bad For You" note on the check.

The next round will be in Assembly Judiciary Committee in the next few weeks with AB 1521 and SB 251.